If you own your business and utilize temporary staffing, YOU are paying someone, somewhere in that staffing company a commission based on that account. Why not get that money paid to YOU? Or utilize our Rebate Program to receive some of your staffing expenses back each year? Why pay that money to someone else? Put it in your pocket!

If your company utilizes temporary staffing, who is the decision maker regarding staffing in your organization? Can you make an introduction for Fast Staff with that individual? If so, and we secure the account, we pay YOU a commission every week. Get paid for making a couple calls and an introduction.

If your company does not utilize temporary staffing, think about the companies you deal with, or the companies your friends and family work for every day? It is a virtual guarantee one or more of them use temporary staffing. Reach out to them and find out who is the decision maker regarding staffing and let us know. If Fast Staff can secure that business, YOU get paid that commission each week.


The facts are most every business in most every industry uses temporary staffing on a temporary or permanent basis. Someone in that staffing organization is getting paid a commission. Contact Fast Staff and that commission can come back to your company. Or even better, that money can go into YOUR POCKET!!

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